Camp Waziyatah, a summer camp sitting on more than 125 acres of beautiful land, helps young people experience nature through activities like hiking and horseback riding. Its American Camp Association-certified camp directors, Mitch and Gregg Parker, oversee the day-to-day operations of the facility. For more information about Camp Waziyatah, its qualified staff, and the growth opportunities it offers to campers, please visit

The Camps and Nature Survey conducted through the American Camp Association collected the opinions of camp directors concerning the place of summer camp in nurturing young people's relationship with the outdoors. The survey asked 23 questions on topics ranging from environmental attitudes to factors influencing young people’s attitudes toward nature.

According to the survey, the vast majority of camp activities occur in the outdoors, which means that campers spend in excess of seven hours outside daily. Furthermore, camp directors were nearly unanimous in believing that children should connect with nature. To achieve this goal, camp directors used nature-focused programming. Though the respondents appeared to broadly value the natural experience that camp offers, they did not believe that parents weighed nature heavily enough when choosing their children’s summer camp.
In operation since 1922, Camp Waziyatah in Southern Maine knows that kids can be as nervous about attending their first multi-day, overnight summer camp as they are excited. If your child will be attending camp for the first time this summer, the following suggestions can help you prepare them for what to expect and ensure that their nervousness is the only thing that gets left behind.

Involve your child in the choice of camp. Kids who have played a role in choosing the camp they want to attend are much less likely to be nervous about the experience. Looking at photos or visiting the camp, if possible, can also help remove the anxiety that results from fear of the unknown.

Have a practice session. Before dropping your child off for two weeks at camp, make sure they are comfortable spending one or two nights away from home. A sleepover with friends or a stay with relatives can be a safe and easy way to get kids used to sleeping in a new room and spending time away from you. 

Pack together. Camps like Camp Waziyatah will typically have a comprehensive packing list. Check over the list, purchase supplies, and pack everything together. This is not only a way to build excitement about going to camp, but it also helps your child to know firsthand that they have everything they will need.
Set on 130 acres of land in Southern Maine, Camp Waziyatah is a coed summer camp for children who range in age from 6 to 16. Camp directors Gregg and Mitch Parker oversee a group of skilled counselors and activity supervisors. Counselors participate in extensive pre-camp training and many are graduates of our two-year C.I.T. (Counselors in Training) program.

Most counselors are in their 20s, and they come from varied backgrounds. They are teachers, guidance counselors, and childcare professionals, the camp directors say. Many are former Camp Waziyatah attendees.

What makes a successful camp counselor? Gregg and Mitch Parker list the following qualities:

-- Enthusiasm for working with children
-- Patience and maturity
-- Experience and interest in the activities under supervision
-- Leadership skills and confidence
-- Ability to build relationships
-- Integrity and strong character

All Camp Waziyatah counselors are background checked, trained in safety, and certified activity coaches. Waziyatah counselors come from all over the United States and international locations such as Australia and Europe.

Camp Waziyatah, a children's summer camp in Waterford, Maine, offers more than 40 activities on 130 acres of land near a private lake. Owners Gregg and Mitch Parker are ACA-certified camp directors and members of the Maine Youth Camping Foundation.

Camp Waziyatah works to create a close camper community with the following distinctions:

-- Inclusion. Children are deeply influenced by what happens around them, especially in their peer groups. An environment of inclusion means all children, regardless of differences, are celebrated and accepted.

-- Kindness. Acting in a spirit of kindness benefits the recipient and the giver. Modeling kind behaviors and recognizing kind acts bring about stronger relationships among peers.

-- Safety. Camp Director Gregg Parker is certified by the Red Cross in advanced life saving, first aid, and CPR. All staff members are trained in child supervision to ensure the safety of all campers.

-- Core Values: Camp Waziyatah stresses the core values of Courtesy, Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility. These values are infused throughout the Wazi camp experience and make for an exceptionally friendly and fun environment.

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